Our Colva Project

In addition to our projects in North Goa we also fund a small project for around 20 children in Colva, South Goa. All of the children’s families have migrated to Goa from other states and mainly work as beach sellers. Without support from Mango Tree its likely many of the children would never go to school and work on the beaches too. Those who do get enrolled into school would be expected to work after school closes at lunch time. As a result they would most likely drop out of school at an early age.

By providing for after school tuition classes Monday to Saturday each week we support children with their studies which in turn helps them succeed at school. Ultimately, we hope to keep them away from child labour and help give them the opportunity for a better life. Afternoon tuition classes take place daily from Monday to Saturday. Once school finishes at lunch time the children have a short break before heading to the tuition centre for classes. They work on their homework and ask for help with anything they are finding difficult at school. 

Whilst children receive a mid-morning meal at School many don’t eat again until late in the evening when parents have returned from work. We know it’s hard to concentrate if you are hungry so we provide milk and snacks each day too.

We also include all the children at the project by including them in our Bags4School and Back2School schemes. By doing this we know that they will have a new school uniform, footwear, school bag, umbrella and all of the stationery and equipment they need each year to succeed and can attend school feeling proud and confident in their appearance too.

Our Colva project is modest in size and relatively simple but nonetheless it can make all the difference to the prospects of the children who attend.

If you would like to make a donation but would particularly like your contribution to help our Colva project then please leave a message when you donate and we will ensure we carry out your instruction.
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Colva in Photos

Our afternoon tuition project supports around twenty children. Take a look what happens here.

Christmas at Colva

Every year a Christmas party takes place at our Colva project. The children are absolutely thrilled to receive a gift and it is always a joyous occasion. You can see some of our favourite photos here.