Excess Charity Luggage Allowance

We are unable to secure excess charity luggage allowances for scheduled airlines or for Monarch. Having said that we are aware that supporters have managed to receive an allowance by contacting airlines themselves e.g Qatar often give 5kgs. If airlines will help they usually require a letter from a Registered Charity on headed paper so do let us know if you need one.

We are fortunate that both Thomas Cook and Thomsons help us by giving supporters additional charity luggage allowances. We have set out below the most commonly asked questions but do contact us if you have any other query.

When to Apply?

You can complete the application form whenever you wish but we can only make an application 3 months before you are due to fly. Likewise they usually only deal with requests when they have around 4 weeks’ notice – having said that its always worth us asking them if you are travelling at short notice.

How Much Will Be Granted?

The airlines deal with applications on an individual basis. They will take into consideration things like how many other requests they have had for the same flight and how many of you are travelling. We can’t guarantee that any allowance will be given but airlines frequently give 10kgs per person.

Can The Allowance Be Used For Anything Else?

Definitely not. All airlines require you to pack and label the excess charity luggage separately to the rest of your luggage.

Once Agreed Will I Definitely Be Granted the Allowance at Check in?

All excess charity luggage allowances are subject to load on the day. This means that if the flight is already at full capacity then the charity luggage won’t go and will follow on the next available plane. We haven’t known this to happen but it is a condition to be aware of.

What’s The Process For Applying/Granting the Allowance?

Please complete the application form which you can find here. Once we receive it we will acknowledge it and either make an application immediately if the flight is within 3 months or hold it until we can apply. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement in a couple of days do contact us in case we didn’t receive the form. Thomas Cook generally notify us that they have added the additional allowance to your booking reference whilst Thomsons usually provide a letter for you to provide at check in. As soon as we hear from the airlines we will confirm with you. Please note that the additional allowance is only added to outward bound flights