Gifts in Kind - Toiletries

We always encourage children to look after their teeth. Focus on teeth starts at pre-primary school. Every child has their own named toothbrush which is handed out and collected each day and the staff oversee tooth brushing. Although they manage as you can imagine regular adult toothbrushes are a bit big for little mouths and we do appreciate children’s toothbrushes as well as regular toothbrushes.

We have shown here the kind of thing that is readily available in Goa in case supporters wishing to give these things prefer to buy locally. Both children’s and adult’s toothbrushes cost around 16 rupees. We aim to give every child the same size tube of toothpaste and prefer to give 200g as shown here though we can use any size for brushing teeth at Mango House.

A 200g tube of toothpaste as shown here costs around 35 rupees in Goa. Bars of soap like the ones shown here (90g) cost around 15-20 rupees in Goa.