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Holi Photo Gallery Published 28-Mar
The Mango Tree celebrated Holi with the children from Crossroad and Karaswada Slums. The staff distributed the colours and the children and staff took special delight in colouring one another and spraying colours with their pichkaris (water guns). It was a fun day. ..... View Gallery
Happy Holi! 27-Mar
Holi is one of the major and most colourful festivals of India and it is celebrated with enthusiasm and gaiety. Holi festival may be celebrated with various names and people of different states might follow different tradition but the joyful spirit remains the same throughout the country. ..... Read More
Sporting Heroes 16-Mar
14 year old Rohit and 11 year old Altaf are both talented students supported by the Mango Tree. Both are also very good in sports activities and on 16th March they participated in state level competitions at Ponda, Goa. We are proud to announce that they won first place in Soft Ball and second place in Base Ball for which they were awarded cups and gold and silver medals. We celebrate their success and hope to see it continue in future.
Zumba Fitness Group Visits Mango House 15-Mar
Today Zumba Fitness Group members from different parts of Goa led a session with about 35 children. First of all the children played games like Tiger and Goat and then they also started their musical and forming group games. Group members kindly distributed chocolates, cookies, samosasa and stationery to all children and also donated clothes. Each and every child thoroughly enjoyed this session and we look forward to receiving visitors from the group to conduct further activities infuture.
2013 School Uniform Provision Agreed 15-Mar
Hand in hand with our Bags4School project we have agreed to fund the provision of around 350 uniforms for disadvantaged children. The uniforms are needed since the Government provides only one set up to the 4st standard at school and thereafter nothing is given. ..... Read More
2013 Bags4School Provision Agreed 15-Mar
For the academic year starting this June we have agreed with Mango House that around 350 school bages complete with umbrella, stationery items, hygiene items including toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, towel, comb and a ball will be given out. They will be given to the children Mango House supports throughout the year, the Children of Goa project at Colva, the children at the nearby Dr Ambedkar school and a limited amount will be available for others in need...... Read More
Dental Camp Conducted By Expressions Dental Clinic 12-Mar
We are grateful to Drs Sandeep, Sravani and Shraddha from the Expression Dental Clinic in Mapusa for conducting a dental camp today. 48 children attended for a check-up. Some children were found to have healthy teeth but the majority were reported to have pool oral hygience and cavities. Appointments have been made for those in need of urgent work and further counselling about the need to take care of teeth will be undertaken.
Thank You Global Grins 09-Mar
The Global Grins team is a US based organisation which recognises that the simple toothbrush is an important factor in maintaining overall health and is dedicated to providing toothbrushes to as many impoverished persons around the world as possible. In order to be cost effective they do this by delivery squad members who take boxes of toothbrushes to organisations serving children in need throughout the world. We were very fortunate to receive a box of 100 toothbrushes recently delivered by the Semester at Sea students and we say thank you and applaud Global Grins' initiative.
Visit From Semester At Sea University Students 09-Mar
We were very happy to receive a visit recently from four students taking part in the Semester at Sea floating university programme. Not only did they honour us with their company but they also brought with them gifts for the children and 100 toothbrushes courtesy of Global Grins. Click on the read more link to see what students thought about their visit to Mango House...... Read More
All About Food Gallery Published 09-Mar
Mango House provides around 100 meals Monday to Friday for the children it supports. Cooking, packing, distributing the meals and cleaning the pots involves most members of staff at some point in the day. Our friend Ruth recently photographed a typical day's activities which you can see via the picture or the gallery link. You can alse read All About Food here...... View Gallery
March Newsletter Published 09-Mar
We have now published our latest newsletter covering the last three months. Use the blue subscribe button on the right hand side of this page if you want to subscribe to the newsletter by email...... View Newsletter
Commitment to New Project at Chimbel 18-Feb
We are delighted to announce that Mango Tree Goa has given a commitment to fund a new project for disadvantaged children in the Indranagar area of Chimbel, North Goa. The project will be run by the Grace Educational Trust (GET) and will initially comprise a morning pre-primary school for around 30 children and extra tuition classes for a similar number of older children each afternoon...... Read More
Happy 40th Birthday Dave Yates 08-Feb
We say a very Happy 40th Birthday to Dave Yates today. Dave is a head teacher and when planning a surprise party to celebrate this milestone his lovely wife Emma knew that Dave would much prefer to go without gifts himself in order that children who need help to access and remain in school would benefit instead. With this in mind Emma asked if people would make a donation to Mango Tree Goa in place of giving Dave a gift. We really appreciate such a kind gesture and although we don't know Dave personally we do know generous people like him make a real difference to children's lives and we send him our thanks and our very best wishes on the occasion of his birthday and for the years ahead.
Celebrating Sonia's Success 01-Feb
Ten year old Sonia is a child supported by The Mango Tree Trust. She attends a local school where she is currently in 5th standard. Sonia is a smart student but doesn’t always find classroom work easy. However, she excels in sporting activities and in a recent inter school competition at the Peddem Ground, Mapusa she won medals for 100m and 200m running and long jump. She was also presented with three certificates. With your help children like Sonia discover hidden talents and we celebrate her success.
Thank You, Sandwell College 30-Jan
We were very pleased to welcome 18 students and 3 teachers from Sandwell College in England today. The students had been fundraising since October and as a result of their efforts were able to donate an amazing 61 school bags together with local sweets and fruit. After a brief introduction the students helped with food packing before heading off to enjoy the monthly birthday party. As usual the children were in an energetic mood with different groups presenting many dances and taking part in party games. We really appreciated that our visitors took part in the dancing before helping to round off the party by giving out fruit, cake, sweets and ice-cream and giving presents to children whose birthdays fell in January. Birthday parties are always a firm favourite with the Mango House children but our visitors made sure we had an extra special afternoon and we really thank them for their whole hearted participation.
Thank You, Maya! 28-Jan
We say thank you to 8 year old Maya who learnt about India and the difficulties many children face at school and wanted to take action. Maya took her Sari to school and explained that she wanted to raise funds to help. She sought sponsorship and even gave up some birthday money to buy school bags. We received a lovely photo of Maya in her Sari together with a letter to the children explaining how she hoped her donation would help them. As a result of her determination Maya can be assured that she has helped change children’s lives.
Mind Rewind 27-Jan
We were very happy to learn that DAT Records are again hoping to produce a compilation CD to benefit disadvantaged children in Goa. The last time that such a venture was undertaken was 2011 when a group of music collectors put together a compilation of rare tracks from the early days of the Goa Trance scene. Artists generously donated their tracks and many contributors gave their own money to make the project happen. As a result a staggering 4,000 was donated to charity making an enormous difference to children in need in Goa who really need support to access and stay in school. We wish DAT Records every success with their plans to compile a new CD.
Eid Milad-un-Nabi & Republic Day Celebrations 25-Jan
Today is an important Muslim festival which observes the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammed and tomorrow India celebrated its 64th Republic Day. As Republic Day falls on a Saturday we decided to hold an afternoon programme to celebrate both events. First our teacher gave a speech about the Eid Festival and then about Republic Day, This was followed by a drawing competition for children of all ages. Each and every child showed their creative talent and had a lot of fun. Finally we gave out fruit and the programme drew to a close.
Jumbo Circus Comes to Town 17-Jan
This afternoon we took 61 children to visit the Jumbo Circus in Mapusa having been very fortunate to be given tickets for the event. We gave out donated snacks to each child before moving into the Big Top for the main event. There were so many nice stunts including Flying Trapeze, Fire Dancing, Acrobatics, Cycle and Animal Acts. We had a wonderful afternoon. The children had a lot of fun not only watching the events but also making jokes and enjoying each other's company too.
The Comtact Biggest Losers! 14-Jan
We were delighted to hear about a group of people who having learned about the work of Mango Tree Goa have committed to losing some pounds in order that we would gain some. Sunita, Julia, Justin, Satveer, Kirtsy and Kim at Comtact have bravely taken up a weight loss challenge inspired by the reality TV show The Biggest Loser...... Read More
Visit to Art Chamber, Calangute 11-Jan
We were very pleased to be invited to take 10 children along to the Art Chamber in Calangute. The outing was kindly organised by the Mitusko Trust in Panjim. First of all the children viewed some of art on display in the gallery which all they all enjoyed a lot and then they took part in a creative art activity total based on the sand. The children had a really enjoyable time and we thank Shyamalaee at Mitusko for making the afternoon possible.
Happy New Year 01-Jan
As we move into a 2013 we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to say thank you to all supporters.Whether you volunteered at or visited Mango House, did unpaid work for Mango Tree Goa, made a financial contribution, fundraised, gave gifts, spread the word, inspired others or just followed our work with interest we are truly grateful that you chose to do so.
We wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.