It is almost one year to the day since we launched our first Food For Thought Appeal in response to the desperate situation families were facing as a result of the first lockdown in India. Parents, who are mainly day labourers and already on low and unstable incomes, lost their work overnight. It was a catastrophe. Our hope was to provide monthly food parcels which would at least ensure that children would not go hungry. Thanks to the amazing support of people like you, we were able to provide monthly food parcels in respect of all children until the situation improved, and food parcels every other month since that time which helped to compensate for the meals they would have received at Mango House. There is no doubt that the parcels have been a lifeline, but all of the funds we received have been spent.

Nobody who has seen the news can fail to be aware that India is in the grip of a second and far more deadly wave of coronavirus. The current situation is devastating. Two months ago, we were very hopeful that children might finally return to school in June. Interviews and Home Visits were undertaken and admissions to pre-primary given, children were measured for their new school uniforms and we were making plans to the best job we could to help them adjust after sixteen months out of school. Never did we imagine that within weeks we would be back to where we were this time last year, or that the situation would be even worse. Added to the loss of income and the inevitable hardship that brings, there is also a real sense of fear.

On top of all the challenges that children have faced over the past 13 months, it is unbearable to contemplate adding hunger to the list. And so we find ourselves asking for your help once again to intervene and protect children from the worst of it. We have therefore launched a second Food For Thought Appeal*. It costs just £5.50 to provide a food parcel of basic staples and a bar of soap. Despite the fact that it is the school holidays we plan to give food parcels next week and hope that we can continue to do so regularly until the situation improves.

We do appreciate that many people already give a great deal and that many may themselves be having a tough time at the moment, but if you can help us to feed a child please do. Don't think a small donation wouldn't be worth it. A £5 donation would almost cover the cost of a parcel and that parcel would make a world of difference.

Please donate and help us feed children if you can.


*Funds raised from our Food For Thought Appeal in the first instance will be allocated to the expenses incurred in providing food on 17th April, then to any further distribution as and when necessary and if any funds remain unspent to the costs of providing meals in general.


There are many ways to make a donation as follows


There are lots of ways to help Mango Tree to transform the lives of disadvantaged children. You could

  • Donate
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Organise a Fundraiser
  • Shop Online using the Give As You Live Scheme
  • Take Much Needed Items to Mango House
  • Spread the Word

You can make a one-off or regular donation by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page here. Please do not be put off by thinking you can only afford a small contribution. Every little helps, so be assured that if you can make a gift of any amount that gift will make a difference.


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