Sponsoring a Child with Mango Tree Goa - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We ask for a donation of £15 a month, which is approximately 50 pence a day, although, we would, of course, be happy to receive a monthly donation in excess of this amount.

How are my donations spent?

We believe that education is the main route out of the cycle of poverty. We therefore support children by preparing them to enter mainstream school and supporting them to remain there so they can reach their full potential. For this reason, the money you donate to Mango Tree Goa does not go directly to the child you sponsor. It is pooled with the contributions of other sponsors and is spent on the Mango House project as a whole. In this way your donations are spent in such as way as to make the most difference to a greater number of children and will help to ensure that the project continues for all the children it supports.

What do I receive when I sponsor a child?

Within a month of making your first donation you will receive a profile and a photo of the child you are going to sponsor. In order that you can follow your sponsored child's development we will send you an update roughly once a quarter. You will also receive a copy of our electronic newsletter from which you can easily follow what has been happening at the Mango House project.

Can I correspond with my sponsored child?

We do not wish children to be under pressure to correspond or to be let down if a sponsor does not keep up correspondence for whatever reason. We have, therefore, decided to keep our sponsorship programme very simple. We hope that sponsors will be happy to know that through their sponsorship they are making a real difference to children's lives and that they will enjoy watching their sponsored child develop over the years. If you are visiting Goa and would like to visit you sponsored child then this can be arranged. Read more below in the section "Can I visit my sponsored child?".

Who are the children in the sponsorship programme?

All the children in the sponsorship programme are supported by Mango House. The majority are from families from outside Goa who live in local slums or other poor quality accommodation. Their parents come to Goa looking to improve their lives from the wealth that tourism brings but unfortunately their dreams are seldom realised and child poverty and illiteracy are widespread amongst these migrant communities.

How does Mango Tree select which children will be sponsored?

All the children enrolled at Mango House are from disadvantaged backgrounds, so we aim to look for as many sponsors as possible. The Mango Tree staff, who work with the children on a daily basis, will enrol children into the sponsorship programme but only if they wish to participate.

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

You can choose whether you would like to sponsor a girl or a boy. We support children of a wide range of ages. However, if you would like to sponsor a child of a particular age do let us know and we will see if it can be arranged.

Is it possible that more than one person is sponsoring the same child?

Absolutely not.

Why don’t you show photos of the children in the programme on your website?

In the interests of child safety we do not provide any information about individual children on our website. Of course we will provide details and photos on sponsorship but we do not give sponsors permission to subsequently publish photos of children and their names on the internet via social media etc.

How does my sponsored child benefit from sponsorship?

Your sponsored child will benefit from the continuing programme of education, health and nutrition provided by the Mango Tree. Children under six are able to attend a pre-primary school based at the Mango House and then assisted to enrol in main stream school. Once the children are in main stream school, they are invited to enrol in an after-school tuition programme, also based at the Mango House.

What does sponsorship mean to Mango Tree Goa?

Receiving regular amounts means that we can plan ahead and continue our work to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Goa.

How long do I have to sponsor?

We hope that your relationship with Mango Tree Goa will continue for a number of years but if your circumstances change then you can, of course, stop at any time and we will look for another sponsor for the child. Children are normally sponsored until they have completed their education.

Aside from completion of education are there any circumstances in which the sponsorship will come to an end?

Regrettably on occasion children do leave the Mango House project – usually because their families relocate but very occasionally because they do not wish to continue to attend school. In addition the situation may arise where a child does not wish to continue to be sponsored. If for any reason your sponsored child leaves the project we will inform you and ask whether you wish to sponsor another child.

Can I give a gift to my sponsored child?

We believe it is essential that all children are treated equally. As not all children are sponsored it would cause some difficulty if some children receive gifts and others don’t or some receive more expensive gifts and others don’t get a thing. We therefore do not accept gifts for children. However, if you would like to help celebrate a birthday or another occasion you could consider providing a treat for your sponsored child’s class at Mango House e.g a birthday cake, biscuits, small treat for everyone or a contribution towards an outing for them.

No one should feel it is necessary to donate anything in addition to their regular contribution. All the children in the Mango House programme receive a gift from Mango House for their birthday and other celebrations such as, Eid, Diwali or Christmas.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Some sponsors may never get the opportunity to visit Goa but we encourage those that do to visit Mango House and meet their sponsored child should they wish to do so. Visiting can be a very rewarding experience for both sponsors and children however our first priority is to ensure that children remain safe at all times. Whilst the vast majority of individuals have good intentions we must safeguard against those who do not. We therefore only permit organised visits under the supervision and control of Mango House staff and require a minimum of fourteen days’ notice. It is quite common for families to return to their native village for a few weeks during school holiday/festival times, so please bear this in mind when arranging your visit.

In keeping with our commitment to child safety all meetings will take place during normal working hours at Mango House. They will be supervised throughout by Mango House staff. Visiting sponsors should be willing to undergo a background check and all meetings must take place at the Mango House. Please note that the invitation to visit is only available to the named sponsor and not to any friends or family who may be visiting the area. The protection of children is paramount and consequently we take any breach of our policies very seriously. In the unfortunate event that such a breach occurs we will endthe sponsorship immediately.

I have more questions. What should I do?

If you require any further information about our sponsorship scheme please contact us at info@mangotreegoa.org

I would like to sponsor – what do I need to do?

We would be delighted if you would like to sponsor a child. Please let us know by email to info@mangotreegoa.org and also let us know if you have a preference to support a girl or a boy. We will send you a copy of our child safety policy in relation to the sponsorship scheme which we will ask you to read and agree. After that we will ask you to set up your donation and within a month we will provide you with details of your sponsored child.