Sponsoring a Child with Mango Tree Goa - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

You can make a huge difference to a child by donating any amount from £15 a month, which works out at approximately 50 pence a day. Your contribution helps towards the basics for children so additional donations would of course be very gratefully received.

How are my donations spent?

We believe that education is the key route out of the cycle of poverty and a step towards a brighter future. Without our intervention many of the children we support would never go to school and those that do would be unlikely to stay there. With your donations we provide support and guidance to children by preparing them to enter mainstream school and supporting them to remain there, so they can reach their full potential. Whilst we focus on education we also know that good health improves a child’s chances of success and so we also provide meals and healthcare initiatives too.

Your donations are pooled with contributions from other sponsors to finance all our projects. Your donations are used to make a difference to a greater number of children and will ensure that all projects can continue to benefit as many children as possible.

What do I receive when I sponsor a child?

  • A profile of the child you are sponsoring within the first month of joining the scheme.
  • A photo of the child you are going to sponsor.
  • Progress updates about the child you are sponsoring. These are sent out approximately every quarter.
  • Provided you have given your consent you will receive regular copies of our e newsletter with updates about all our activities.

Can I correspond with my sponsored child?

We do not offer a correspondence scheme as part of our Child Sponsorship Scheme. This decision was made to help keep the scheme as simple as possible and to protect the children from any pressure to  reply to correspondence or disappointment if they didn’t receive anything. Sponsoring a child is a gif that will make a real difference to not only children’s lives but their families as well. We hope that sponsors will be happy to know that they can visit the project which their sponsored child attends and see the wonderful environment there. Please see “Can I Visit My Sponsored Child?” section below

Who are the children in the sponsorship programme?

All the children in the Child Sponsorship Programme are supported by Mango Tree. The majority of our children come with their families from outside Goa and live in local slums or other deprived environments. Their parents come to Goa hoping to improve their lives, from the wealth that tourism brings, but unfortunately their dreams are seldom realised. Most parents are illiterate and do not speak the local language. Families exist on the margins of society. Illiteracy, child labour and early illegal marriage are common place. Without our intervention many of the children we support would never go to school and those that do would be unlikely to stay there for any length of time.

How does Mango Tree select which children will be sponsored?

All the children enrolled at Mango Tree projects are from disadvantaged backgrounds. To allow us to continue our work we need as many sponsors as possible. Our partners on the ground in Goa work with the children every day and will enrol children into the Child Sponsorship Scheme. All parents are made aware of the scheme and have consented to their children taking part.

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

You can choose whether you would like to sponsor a girl or a boy. We support children of a wide range of ages. However, if you would like to sponsor a child of a particular age do let us know and we will see if it can be arranged.

Is it possible that more than one person is sponsoring the same child?

No. Each child in the scheme only has one sponsor.

Why don’t you show photos of the children in the programme on your website?

As part of our Child Safety Policy (CSP) we do not provide any information including photos relating to sponsorship about individual children on our website. When you sponsor a child, it is important that you read and consent to our CSP to ensure the safety of the children we support.

We do provide generic details and photos regarding sponsorship on our website, but we do not give sponsors permission to subsequently publish or distribute information or photos of children in any form.

How does my sponsored child benefit from sponsorship?

Your sponsored child will benefit from the continuing programme of education, health and nutrition provided by any of the Mango Tree projects . As children are from disadvantaged backgrounds they lack many of the basic social skills which would help them bridge the huge gap from slum to school. We can overcome this by providing pre-primary schools and then support parents to enrol children into main stream school. Once children are in main stream school as a result of the language difficulty, lack of parental support and pressure to work it can still be very difficult for children to succeed. By providing meals and afer school classes we can help children stay in school. We can also ensure that children have a lot of fun too. Subject to satisfactory attendance at school and their tuition class we will continue to support children for as long as they want to continue their education.

What does sponsorship mean to Mango Tree Goa?

Receiving a regular income allows us to be able to plan and work towards the future by continuing our purpose to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Goa.

How long do I have to sponsor?

We hope that your relationship with Mango Tree Goa will continue for many years. Hopefully you will be able to continue sponsorship until your sponsored child has completed their education but we recognise that circumstances can change however, and you may come out of the scheme at any time. Regular donations are set up by sponsors not the Charity so you can cease your donation directly. If your sponsorship comes to an end we will look for another sponsor for your sponsored child

Aside from completion of education are there any circumstances in which the sponsorship will come to an end?

Unfortunately, on occasion children do leave projects – their families may relocate and occasionally because they do not wish to continue to attend school or attend a project. In addition, the situation may arise where a child does not wish to continue to be sponsored. If this does happen we will inform you and ask whether you wish to sponsor another child.

The protection of children is paramount and consequently we take any breach of our policies including our Child Safety Policy very seriously. In the unfortunate event that such a breach occurs we will end the sponsorship immediately.

Can I give a gift to my sponsored child?

All children should feel special so to ensure they are treated equally, those sponsored and those who unfortunately don’t have sponsors, we do not accept individual gifts. All children’s birthdays are celebrated and many other occasions are celebrated too. If you would like to do something to mark a birthday and were able to provide treats, however small, biscuits, cakes or help towards an outing for the whole class, these would be received with so much excitement and appreciation by the children. However, no one should feel it necessary to donate anything in addition to their regular contribution. All the children automatically receive a birthday gif, a gif at Christmas and enjoy other treats throughout the year.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

If you are lucky enough to be able to come to Goa you are welcome to visit any project to look around the school and see the activities children are involved in. Please get in touch prior to your visit. It can be such a rewarding experience to meet and chat to your sponsored child and see just how much difference your contributions have made and will continue to make into the future.

To ensure our Child Safety Policy is followed we can only offer supervised visits to sponsored children on the premises of the project they attend. We do need you to contact us at least 14 days in advance so we are able to set up the visit and make sure that it doesn’t coincide with school holidays or festivals.

I have more questions. What should I do?

If you would like any further information about our Child Sponsorship Scheme or any further information about our projects please contact us at info@mangotreegoa.org

I would like to sponsor – what do I need to do?

We would be delighted if you would like to sponsor a child. Please get in touch by sending an email to info@mangotreegoa.org. Let us know if you have a preference to support a girl or a boy. We will then send you a copy of our Child Safety Policy in relation to the Child Sponsorship Scheme which we will ask you to read and agree. The next step will be to set up your donation and within a month we will provide you with details of your sponsored child