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The Mango Tree Trust
This gallery set shows the many ways in which The Mango Tree Trust helps support disadvantaged children.
Pre-Primary School
The Mango Tree Pre-Primary School helps prepare children for mainstream school. Take a look at the children studying and having fun at Mango House.
Our Colva Project
Our Colva after school tuition project supports around 20 children. Take a look at them here.
Chimbel Pre-Primary
The pre-primary school at Chimbel supports around 60 children daily. Take a look at their activities here.
Uniforms and Bags - New School Year
At the beginning of every academic year we provide hundreds of school uniforms and school bags for disadvantaged children. You can see some of the things we provide here..
How We Celebrate
Mango Tree celebrates all major religious festivals and important national and state days. See how we celebrated during the last year.
How We Celebrate Birthdays
At the end of every month Mango House celebrates the birthdays or all the children born in the month with a birthday party. The parties are always a joyful event. See what we get up to here.
Afternoon Classes at Chimbel
Around 100 children attend our Chimbel project every afternoon. The afternoon tuition classes help children to succeed at school. See the children at work and play here